Erewash Museum artist commission



Erewash Museum are commissioning an artist to provide two paintings or coloured sketches for a backdrop for an exhibition, to support their work with schools and to put on promotional posters and flyers.  They will be used in a temporary exhibition at Kirk Hallam church, two Anglo Saxon event days, and later on display at the museum. The images should be of:

1) Anglo Saxon high status woman carrying a weaving baton, made of iron. Full length image.

2) Anglo Saxon high status warrior carrying or on his belt is a short sword or dirk. Full length image.

The baton and sword and two possible identifications of the item on display so they should be prominent. The museum would appreciate historically accurate representations of clothing, hairstyles and the items.

The images should be able to be sent in a digital form for subsequent use. The files should be large enough to be used in banners at approximate life size. Suggested style is bright, educational, characterful, and semi-realistic.


£600 (artist fee and materials combined)

To apply:

Please email Kate Crossley at with a copy of your CV and no more than one page of A4 on:

  • Your proposal of style and colours
  • Any experience on historical drawing or portrait/ human figure drawing
  • A supporting file of a selection of previous work that will give an idea of style and range


Deadline for applications is 23rd February 2020, deadline for completion is March 16th 2020


Deadline - midnight on Sunday 23rd February

Successful applicants will be contacted by Wednesday 26th February


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