If you have an hour this weekend please come over to Melbourne to experience Sonic Tapestry.

If you have an hour this weekend please come over to Melbourne to experience Sonic Tapestry.

Just before lockdown we received a small £750 grant from East Midlands Airport for a sound project Together Through Sound and we had agreed to work with a writer & filmmaker as part of Lovelit an Arts Derbyshire project funded by ACE.

Right on cue we went into lockdown but thanks to two amazing artists Rebecca Goldsmith & Chris A Wright and a big team of Festival volunteers and local residents we have finally completed Sonic Tapestry weaving together the two projects. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3647535601944999

Poetry Filmmaker Rebecca Goldsmith’s piece GRASP is based on Little Memories of Melbourne a project carried out during lockdown, we asked local people to share with us their favourite memories / places in Melbourne and focus on the positives of the small world we currently live in, they emailed, posted on facebook or dropped them off at our CLOSED Gallery, over time we covered the gallery windows with all of these comments. The film script has taken key phases from these little memories and combined them with film shot in Melbourne this Summer to create a beautiful finished piece it is being shown in our Gallery this weekend and can be accessed via QR codes around the village.

Chris A Wright joined us in August to pull together the sounds of Melbourne this Summer. We challenged local people to record the sound of the village – water at Melbourne Pool, Geese, Trees, Cars, Tractors and voices. Chris then came to Melbourne and recorded conversations around the village, some of these conversations are part of an Audio Trail from the Gallery on the Market Place to Melbourne Hall Visitor Centre via a loop through the village in half hidden speakers for visitors to find. The words were also used to create the script for a piece performed and filmed over what should have been Melbourne Festival weekend in September and subsequently edited with the sounds of this Summer and shown in the our Gallery this weekend and on the attached link.

These projects have both been a huge challenge but we are excited to share them and hope that you will enjoy them as independent works and woven together into a Sonic Tapestry.

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