Join These BeatFeet Drumming & Dance Workshops

Join These BeatFeet Drumming & Dance Workshops

Join BeatFeet Drumming & Dance Workshops for their Derbyshire-based community wellbeing project 'Djembe Fever'. Children, families and adults can attend drumming and dance workshops for free in various locations across the city and surrounding areas. 

BeatFeet is kicking off their project with a series of West African dance workshops, aimed at beginners and also more experienced dancers. Gambian renowned choreographer and teacher, Jokeh Sillah, will be sharing the joy of West African dance, with live djembe drumming to accompany the dance steps. 

It is BeatFeet's aim to bring communities together through group drumming and dance, to help reduce feelings isolation and loneliness, and to build a strong sense of connection amongst communities. 

Please find BeatFeet on Facebook and search in their events section for all events in Derby -

More drumming and dance workshops will be taking place throughout 2019 and 2020 so please do check back in with them."

Here are the links to our first two West African dance workshops at Deda Derby:


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