Please Celebrate with Me!

Please Celebrate with Me!

It’s finally arrived!  And I’m over the moon.  So, what am I celebrating, you ask..

Well it's quite a milestone for me. It's six years since I set out on this adventure. My first book, "Alfrie's Story", was published in 2014. This week saw the publication on a second edition of "Milly, Molly and Maisy" and with it a long-cherished dream of having all five of my books illustrated by my brilliant fellow adventurer, Liz Furness.

When all this started, I had never written a children's storybook and Liz had never illustrated one. We now have five to our name. And each is now "doubled up" with a soft toy. All in 6 years.

Earlier this week, I travelled over to Derby to take delivery of the new "Milly, Molly and Maisy - a Tale of Three Kittens" and the accompanying character soft toy, "Maisy". Maisy's the storyteller in the book, so I thought she deserved a toy to herself. 

All the craft fairs and events I attend are being cancelled, and I've not been able to do any school visits or talks to community groups. So I'm turning to my online followers to help. To make our celebrations even more special, I want to ask you to join in.


You can join in by taking advantage of my opening special offer. If you, or your friends, or another family member (please tell everyone you know!) wants to order any of my books or soft toys, just tell them to type this code into the voucher code box: 5by2in6 , and we will immediately take £1 off all purchases made before 15th December.


We're celebrating "5 by 2 in 6". (Get it? 5 books by 2 people, all in 6 years!)

I'd like to end by sending you all - my loyal customers - a really big "THANK YOU" from the bottom of my heart for having such confidence in a new, unknown author and for buying 14,000 copies of my books... and counting!



Please keep reading to your children and grandchildren ... and please keep safe, all of you.

Remember: there's no app to replace your lap!



Sue x

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