Brand new relationship drama comes to Buxton Fringe

Brand new relationship drama comes to Buxton Fringe

A brand new drama exploring the joy and the pain of being in love is coming to Buxton Fringe. But here's the twist - it's completely improvised.

“Between Us” is a play which charts the ups and downs of one couple's relationship. The Sheffield-based performers use anecdotes from the audience to inspire the characters and perform their story.

Like all good improvisation, the show is very funny. But it's also touching and even heart-breaking. Its power lies in the element of surprise, both for the audience and the two performers.

Actress Rachel E. Thorn said, "Unlike traditional theatre, Alex and I don't know what the other is going to say. We discover who our characters are and where the drama lies at the same time as the audience. We've been described as the realest thing you'll ever see on stage."

Her co-star Alex Keen said, "Performing “Between Us” is an intense experience. Rachel and I have to trust each other completely. It's very exciting, but also very exposing."

Following performances at Brighton Fringe in May, Broadway Baby gave the show four stars, declaring it “genuinely funny whilst delivering real emotional depth. Why does anyone bother writing plays at all when, as Rachel and Alex showed, you can entertain so successfully on the spot?” Sheffield Review gave the Early Fest performance five stars, saying “This is live theatre taken to a whole new level.”

“Between Us” is at Underground at The Clubhouse as part of Buxton Fringe on the 10th, 11th and 16th July. Tickets are available from:

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