Cara Dillon in Buxton in September

Cara Dillon admirers and new fans are in for a treat when this extraordinary Irish singer returns with her solo album at Buxton Opera House.

It’s been five years since the world last heard from Cara. Taking time off to embrace motherhood and combat serious illness, she retreated from the live circuit. She continued to record with her husband and collaborator Sam Lakeman to return with not only a new album but also a new record label.

The free reign that Charcoal Records afforded Cara meant that she was able to produce a simpler folk album which won Best Album at the BBC Radio 2 folk awards in 2010.

Her fifth solo album, A Thousand Hearts, is another small masterpiece of song and emotion, ethereal and beautifully honed and perfectly true. A Thousand Hearts was recorded entirely by Cara, Sam and their band, and explores the different conditions of the heart, from mourning to lust.

Cara Dillon is at Buxton Opera House on 9 September at 7.30PM, Tickets are £23.50. Discounts are not available. To buy tickets contact Buxton Opera House Box Office, Tel: 01298 72190 or visit:

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