City Arts and the Insitute of Mental Health are looking for submission of artwork

City Arts and the Insitute of Mental Health are looking for submission of artwork inspired by mental illness, or created by artists living with mental health issues. For our 2018 open summer exhibition we are asking artist to respond to the theme “Traumascapes and Landscapes of the Interior”.

Gary Winslip explains the ideas behind the theme: 

Art helps us to understand trauma and catastrophe, not just in words, but through colours, images, lines, motifs, symbols, brush strokes and blotches. Art educates us about trauma and the artist tells their tale and creates a landscape of the interior. Art can help us work through trauma and even build resilience. We might think about the work of the artist as showing us ‘Traumascapes’. Where trauma is cultural, submerged narratives can surface through shared artefacts, stories, songs, and so on. 

These artefacts give dynamic opportunities for each new generation to engage with prior traumas that might have been out of reach. Picasso’s 1937 masterpiece Guernica is arguably the best example. Not only does the painting bear witness, it provokes us to think and debate thereafter. A painting may be still, but its impact is alive, its history is renewed each time someone gazes upon it. 

And so with Trauma and catastrophe we seek art to give context, to unfreeze the moment, to make connections that bridge dissociation and isolation. The art gallery creates the traumascape whereby communities can come together, find a place to reflect, learn and work together for a better tomorrow. 

Submission Information 

To submit work on the theme of complete our online application form and upload good quality images of your artwork no later than 23rd April 2018. Only 2D artworks will be selected for the exhibition. Artists can submit up to 2 artworks each. 

Alternatively, download the form and email it to 

  • You will be informed if you artwork has been selected in the week of the 30th April. 
  • Delivery of artwork: no later than 7th May 2018 
  • Please deliver artwork to City Arts, 11-13 Hockley, Nottingham, NG1 1FH. 
  • Exhibition opening: 16th May 2018 
  • Exhibition end: 28th September 2018
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