We are inviting image makers around the world to participate in documenting the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic charting the time before, during and after the lockdowns. The images can express your thoughts, feelings and the world around you at this extraordinary moment in our collective lives.
Take part by uploading your images and captions on Instagram, using the tag #massisolationformat. Follow @massisolationFORMAT to see the highlights so far.  
All submissions will have the chance to be featured in our next edition of FORMAT which opens on 11 March 2021. Selected images and series will be included in our exhibitions, in an online archive and more. We are working with The Peoples Picture to create a large scale digital presentation, QUAD and Derby Museum and Art Gallery for the exhibitions.
@massisolationformat Instagram project has already received over 20,000 submissions from 70 countries, our curators look at everything and invite more people to take part in this incredible mass-participation project. 
Please visit the FORMAT website to read the Terms and Conditions.


Photograph by Mark Neville: Battle Against Stigma

You can bring FORMAT/QUAD exhibitions into your home with our immersive virtual exhibitions, 3D video tours and interviews in the Exhibition Explorations series, conducted by QUAD's Senior Curator Peter Bonnell.  

Click on the Mark Neville's photograph above from his series Battle Against Stigma and watch Peter's interview with Mark and explore the 2018 exhibition in 3D.

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