Flaming Skirt Festival offer a Professional Development Opportunity

Flaming Skirt Festival offer a Professional Development Opportunity

Flaming Skirt Festival is a unique contemporary arts festival based in Amber Valley, Derbyshire. It’s art on the move, transported by a double-decker bus; a day of travelling around to different small towns and villages – 7 June in NW Leicestershire and 28 June in Amber Valley Derbyshire.

Through collaboration and competition, people of all ages actively engage in the construction of contemporary artwork. This pop-up community of individuals and extended families, experiences an inspiring adventure – performance refreshments, intriguing games, constructions, instant theatre, creative walking and of course memorable activities on board the bus.

We are offering an artist the opportunity to observe a range of local, regional and international socially engaged artists working with rural communities in unlikely spaces; to be witness, participant, co-constructer of a contemporary artwork.

We will offer you a free seat on the double-decker Festival bus and an hour’s free follow up mentoring session face to face or by Skype by Festival creator Sally Lemsford.

We would like you to contribute some imaginative documentation to be included in the post-Festival book.

To apply: Describe the value of this opportunity to you and us, how you will manage the practicalities of reaching a rural location on a Sunday morning, which day you wish to be considered for, and include your full contact details. (min 300 words)

Deadline 5pm on 28 May.

For more information, contact Sally on 07974 785624 flame@lemsford2.demon.co.uk

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