JustOut Theatre Presents: White Nurse

White Nurse is set in a world similar to our own, but with one key difference… L.A.R.C: The rehabilitation centre with a difference. Layla begins her journey to conquer her addiction with eight doses of medication. These eight doses are the key to her overcoming an unhealthy relationship but it’s harder than it seems. By combining physical and emotional addiction, Layla hopes her medication will make her fall out of love with her boyfriend Joe. Over the course of these eight

doses we see Layla battle with her Nurse and remember the relationship that brought her here.


White Nurse is a show about love, addiction and the internal struggle. It focuses on emotional and physical abuse in relationships, and the way young women are manipulated into dependency. Although it tackles deep issues, the play is inherently hopeful, showing that the victims of domestic abuse need not be trapped in the cycle forever.


First performed at the University of York’s Drama Barn in October 2018, White Nurse is now being performed as part of JustOut Theatre’s debut Fringe season alongside sister show Home. They will be performing at The Underground Arts Centre from the 8th to the 10th of July 2019.


Online information can be found at https://justouttheatre.wixsite.com/website



Abby Coppard – Writer & Producer

Keira MacAlister – Director

Zach Pierce – Financial Producer

Millie Jessup – Sound and Lighting Technician

Ben Wilson – Marketing

Eleanor Hibbert - Design


Aisling Lally – Layla

Mitchell Siddons – Joe

Rebecca McGreevy - Nurse


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Instagram -  @whitenursefringe & @justouttheatre

For further information please contact us at justouttheatre@gmail.com

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