In Limbo. A new independent horror film.

"In an abandoned hotel a psychology student encounters with the restless spirits of forgotten children, leads her to discover her own family’s hidden secrets."
The film follows the story of Victoria a student of psychology studying at the world famous Koestler Institute at Edinburgh University. During a summer break Victoria and two friends decide to visit a now deserted hotel in the foothills of the Peak District. It is near here that a number of sightings of Black Eyed Children have recently been reported by locals. Who are the Black Eyed Children, and why are they suddenly revealing themselves now? What do they want and how are they linked to Victoria and her families past?
The film is the first feature film by first time director Stuart Wheeldon, Stuart is based in the Derbyshire town of Wirksworth; his previous work includes a number of short films and plays which have been produced in the UK and in Europe. 

The film itself is influenced by the famous Cannock Chase sightings of Black Eyed Children, these were recently reported in numerous national newspapers and local press.
We are also pleased to announce that the first two lead roles in the film have been successfully cast. Playing the lead role of Victoria is a Glossop based actress Rebekah Bowman, Rebekah is a versatile actress who has been in a number of short films and recently in a new TV series Hood. Playing the role of Jake is the experienced actor Bern Deegan, hailing from Dublin, Bern has appeared in a number of feature films, television and successfully toured in a number of award winning plays in Ireland, the US and Britain.
Both of these actors will bring both youth and experience to the first feature film by Derbyshire based Stuart Wheeldon.
Crowdfunding for the film will begin on the 1st of May details of which can be found at the website.

Filming is scheduled to begin filming in June 2015, with the film due for release in August 2015.

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