National recognition for Brampton’s Brewers

Brampton Brewery enjoyed National success at the prestigious CAMRA National Winter Ales Festival which runs from 17th – 20th February, 2016.

Brampton Brewery won bronze medal for it’s Brampton Mild in the Old Ales & Strong Milds category – one of just 4 categories from which the ultimate National Champion Winter Ale is chosen.  Brampton’s Chris Radford was understandably delighted with the award – “this festival recognises the finest ales the UK has to offer in this growing sector of the market, and to think that at Brampton we produce beers that stand alongside some of the biggest, best and most respected beers in the whole Country is quite humbling”.
Brampton Head Brewer Chris Radford receives the Bronze Medal for Brampton Mild from CAMRA National Chairman Colin Valentine. Brampton Brewery’s achievement should not be underestimated - the UK can now boast over 1,400 breweries regularly producing in excess of 9,000 different real ales.  A renaissance has occurred in recent years and particularly in the field of outstanding dark, malty, rich and roasted beers perfect for those colder months of the year.  You will need only to take one look around National Winter Ales Festival this week for proof!

Such huge variety means that it has never been a more difficult time to judge the best of these beers.  Only a select number of real ales make it to the Finals which fall into the 4 categories of Old Ales/Strong Milds, Porters, Stouts and Barley Wines, with the competition beginning at grass roots level right across Britain soon after the previous year’s finals have taken place.

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