Oily Cart in Derby 7-8 April with JAMBOREE

Oily Cart in Derby 7-8 April with JAMBOREE

Oily Cart presents


7-8 April: Derby Theatre, Derby

For young people (12+) labelled as having profound and multiple learning disabilities


Jamboree is a vibrant and fully interactive experience, created for and with young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. The show features Balkan-inspired tunes that can be heard in surround sound and a series of sensory events, all within a colourful Spiegeltent-inspired set.

At each location on the tour, sousaphone player Aaron Diaz from Balkan band The Destroyers and Serbian folk singer/percussionist Dunja Botic will work in a school and improvise with young people who have different ways of communicating. The resulting music and creativity will feed into the gig-performances in that location so that young people with complex needs have an opportunity to influence an Oily Cart show where no two performances will sound the same.  

Jamboree is a touring production and the first conceived by new Artistic Director Ellie Griffiths. It is a part gig and part sensory theatrical ‘riot’ that premiered at the bOing! Festival in Kent. It will tour schools and venues across the UK from 9 March.

Artistic Director Ellie Griffiths comments:

“Jamboree is the first time Oily Cart have really explored how the young people we make theatre for can have influence on the content of our shows. It’s given us fresh ideas we could never have imagined. This project gives an opportunity for the young people we work with to have their voices heard. In a world where the roots of knowledge and power are verbal, this show celebrates a wider spectrum of communication. I hope Jamboree goes a tiny way towards shifting people's expectations about what young people who are labelled as being non-verbal have to offer."

Jamboree features performers Mark Foster and Griff Fender who have worked for Oily Cart for 33 years between them. Griff Fender was a singer and songwriter in the British chart band Darts who had six top ten singles and three top ten albums and touring in Europe, Asia and USA.

Audience reaction:Another stunning performance, Jamboree was multi-sensory, exciting and engaged everyone. Truly emotional powerful stuff and just wish I could take my daughter to something like this every weekend!’

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