Poem a Month for March 2016

We thought Being a Woman by Parminder Kaur was a brilliant way to celebrate International Women's Day on 8th March. We enjoyed the lively language and spirited approach to both poetry and being a woman.- Ali & Priscilla

This poem describes what it is like to be a modern woman in the twenty first century and celebrating this uniqueness with the world.- Parminder Kaur

Being a Woman

Being a woman in 2016
Can’t keep up with changing fashions
But do I care?
Log on to social media and compare?
I’m just being myself
And doing the best I can
You don’t have to be a fan
It’s alright to disagree
My aim is to be light and free
Happy and content
From the universe I was sent
But, now I’m relieved to say
That I’ve packed all my issues away
Because I’m being a woman
In my own unique way!

by Parminder Kaur

To find out more about International Women's Day visit the website.


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