Professional photographer Chris Seddon has a special deal for Made In Derbyshire members

Professional photographer Chris Seddon has a special deal for Made In Derbyshire members

I'm Chris Seddon, a professional photographer who recently moved back to Derbyshire after living and working in London for a year where I started working with a number of London businesses to create a 'Day in the Life' photographic service for artisans, craftspeople and small businesses.

As a creative and small business owner myself I'm fully aware that everything that goes in to creating the finished product (the time, the creativity, the energy, the costs etc) is something that the buying public have little knowledge of. For the most part they just see the piece of furniture, the frothy pint, the framed painting, with no comprehension of the full creative process behind it, meaning that people struggle to see the value, both monetary and artistically, of the work that these craftspeople invest so much of their heart and soul in to.

The images that I create will aim to tell the real story behind both the products and the people who make them. In a world where social media has made transparency a real marketing tool, I've learned that being able to show your potential customers the authenticity of your work; the processes, the materials, the skills, has never been more important. And with so many platforms available, which all require regular and new content (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tumblr, Pinterest) as well as more traditional marketing methods, photographs such as these have many benefits.

After becoming a member of Made in Derbyshire myself, I wanted to offer this service to other members at a special rate. This offer is available until 31st August 2015. If you're interested, get in touch before this date to book at the following prices.

  • Full day (8hrs) - Usual price: £800 >> Offer price: £175
  • Half day (4hrs) - Usual price: £400 >> Offer price: £125
  • Two Hours - Usual price: £300 >> Offer price: £75

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