Rock Pools exhibition

March 26th -April 28th; 10am till 4pm except Wednesdays at Derby Arboretum; Derby

All the photos were taken in Scarborough my home town over a period of four months to find the best shots out of many

images took a while.

It is an unusual selection of my photos and images; taken with blind photography( shooting without looking);

the main images of the pools were photographed this way from above; I have then printed as circular images onto watercolour paper; again one of my styles.

There will be two 3m x 150cm chiffons showing the sea rolling in (printed chiffon is another of my own signature styles seen at many of my exhibitions).

Also this has become more of an installation with a rock pool for visitors to walk over; Groins( sea

wood breakers) covered in Limpets and a moving video of the sea projected on to the walls. All this with the sound of gulls and crashing waves.

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