Stainsby Festival - Lockdown Edition

Stainsby Festival - Lockdown Edition

Well here we are only hours to go before the start of Stainsby Festival weekend...yes, you heard right, the start of Stainsby Festival weekend.... well sort of.... it's NOT a complete weekend, it's NOT on the field, but it is... the one and only LOCKDOWN EDITION!



The Lockdown Edition will be up online at our regular start time - that's from 6.30pm on FRIDAY, JULY 17th with the traditional opening ceremony in the Willow Circle


Indoor tent large

Leave the barbecue! It's starting

At selected times throughout the weekend we'll be posting performances from our new line up right through to Sunday evening. Links and instructions on how to join us will be posted on the website and on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.











tent marx bros

MUM! I can't get the last tent peg through the flooboards


Feel free to celebrate the weekend in your own special way to make it memorable. Breakfast in the garden, a beer at lunchtime, a ride in the wheelbarrow, whatever helps re-create your own Stainsby experience. We'd love to hear your stories on our Facebook page


A list of artists appearing in the LOCKDOWN EDITION* is on our HOME PAGE so check it out right now!


What's more it's FREE! Though if you want to support us - and can afford to - there will, of course, be a donate button on our home page - OR - you can give our

Fields Appeal


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