Covid-19: Getting ready to open for business webinar

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Covid-19; Getting ready to open for business webinar

Thursday 18 June 10.30 - 12.00

Alistair Handyside of the Professional Association of Self Caterers UK will be covering what visitor economy businesses need to consider in the period before opening, what opening might look like, guest messaging, pre-visit information and much more.

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Covid-19; Cleaning and hygiene practices for the visitor economy webinar

Friday 19 June 10.30 - 12.30 

Learn practical tips regarding the cleaning of your property in preparation for welcoming guests and the changeover process. Tailored to visitor economy businesses, this webinar will be led by Rafael Cobos of Cleaning Masterclass who offer a wide range of online cleaning workshops.

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Visitor Economy Business Survey

Please take 10 minutes to complete our Visitor Economy Business Survey to help us understand the issues that are impacting you most.

Together with Derbyshire County Council and Local Authority Partners, we are continuing to monitor the impacts surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. As we start the work to ‘re-open’ the visitor economy and culture and heritage sectors we would like to gain further insight from businesses.

This is our 3rd survey, so your support in completing this 3rd wave of questions is much appreciated and will help us to collect additional evidence as to how the sector has been impacted, and how quickly it can hope to recover.

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Please complete the survey by Monday 29th June 2020.


We also have on-line workshops in both marketing and doing your own PR, if you would like to register to attend please visit our industry website to find the full list plus recordings of previous webinars


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