This is Normanton – a new exhibition to celebrate Derby suburb

The launch of the This is Normanton exhibition will take place on Saturday 10 March at Pickford’s House, Derby at 1.45pm with speeches starting at 2pm.

This is Normanton is a local history project that explores the changing landscape of Normanton Road and Pear Tree Road in Derby from the 1960’s to present day. This exhibition has been co-curated with volunteers and members of the local community.

Normanton Road is a unique place with a constantly evolving population and is home to people from many walks of life who bring a wide range of beliefs, cultures, customs and traditions. Project volunteers delved into the local archives and collected over eleven hours of taped interviews with members of the local community who talk about their lives and experiences of Normanton.

The transcripts of these recordings will be housed at Derby City Local Studies and Family History Library and will ensure the ever-changing nature of this vibrant community is acknowledged, recorded and remains publically accessible for future generations.

Angharad Jones, Project Director for This Is Normaton said:

This is just one version of a fascinating story and there are many more that remain to be told. We would love to hear yours.”

The story of Normanton Road is compelling, and many themes of interest emerged in the course of this research. This exhibition of photographs and memories focuses on four themes that serve to illustrate the rich and changing community and culture:  The themes are Arrivals, Cuisine, Festivals and Music.

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