Present Tense, Future Perfect?

Present Tense, Future Perfect?

This month, we received 84 applications towards our residency Present Tense, Future Perfect? It was a mammoth task to choose only two artists to be in residence with us over the next month but we are happy to announce who they are! Joining us as artists in residency for the Present Tense, Future Perfect? Residency is Thomas Wynne and Kelly O'Brien, both Derby-based artists. Here is little more about them.

You might recognize Thomas Wynne from our East Midlands Graduate Residency from earlier this year.  Wynne makes an interesting parallel to the  Coronavirus outbreak being recognised in December 2019 and the pandemic journey leading up to the beginning of the residency in September being equal to the time it would take for modern-day astronauts to journey to Mars (9 months). So what is this alien planet that we have found ourselves arriving at? With this residency, he would like to use this concept as a metaphoric seed for the work he hopes to produce. Wynne is currently studying a part-time MA in film and photography at the University of Derby. On this course, he is developing works that explore the fictions, sciences and arts relating to the new space race. He also has a first-class BA (Hons) Photography from Middlesex University, London.

To check out some of Wynne's previous work you can visit his website

Kelly O'Brien is a contemporary visual artist primarily using documentary photography. Her artistic practice draws on both personal and historical narratives, exploring the intersecting relationship to the distortion and fragmentation of truth and memory. The central concerns within O'Brien's practice are themes such as working-class narratives, identity politics, memory, family, and the re-imagined landscape. During the residency, she will work on a continuation of her project ongoing project "Are You There". This work is a photographic and multimedia investigation of memory and truth. In October 2019 O'Brien obtained an MA in Documentary Photography (Distinction) from the University of South Wales, having earned a BA Honours Degree in Photography from Nottingham Trent University in 2010 (1st Class Hons). She is also a co-founder of "OnForm", an educational partnership that works within academic spaces discussing race and class in relation to the image.  

To check out some of Kelly's previous work you can visit her website

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