Would you like to help with Dronfield Hall Barn's big new theatrical adventure?

As part of the Dronfield Arts Festival, we are joining forces with Dronfield Musical Theatre Group to produce a musical/drama/documentary about the Dronfield lead merchants which will be performed at Dronfield Civic Hall  in the week after the festival (starting May 14).

It represents a major community initiative and we would like as many people as possible from The Barn to get involved. This could be in all sorts of different ways from actually appearing in the production, to helping backstage and front of house, and assisting wardrobe, settings and so on. The production is being written and directed by Alan Powell.

If you would like to get involved in any way, contact Alan on 07801 195 461 or email him at alan@hanbury18.plus.com The production process will start at Dronfield Civic Hall on Monday February 5 and you are most welcome to come along to see what it is all about and maybe join in.

Below is more detail about the production

Merchants of Fortune:
How Dronfield led the world in lead

For hundreds of years Dronfield lead merchants cornered the market in lead thanks to the indomitable efforts of Derbyshire miners and smelters who helped them make their fortunes. The history of Derbyshire lead mining goes back to at least Roman times and there are glorious stories to be told. Merchants of Fortune will capture the entrepreneurial spirit of all those miners, smelters and traders who made Derbyshire a global player in the lucrative market for lead. Part of the content is taken from David Hey’s book The Houses of the Dronfield Lead Merchants, published by Books at the Barn.


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